Erin MellengerErin Mellenger, Program Director
Erin is inspired to work in the field of addiction due to her own trials and successes on her road to recovery over the last 5 years. Working in the helping profession has always been a dream of hers. She is a Certified Medical Assistant and a Certified Phlebotomy Technician. She has always found that helping people to recover from this seemingly hopeless disease, to be one of the most fulfilling experiences. Erin brings a smile with her everywhere she goes and is always willing to help wherever she may be needed. She loves teaching people new things and learning from others as well.

Adrienne StrattonAdrienne Stratton, Vice President of Outreach
Adrienne Stratton has over 25 years experience working in the Addiction Treatment field. She has worked for several major treatment facilities across the United States, and a celebrity owned facility in the Caribbean. During her career she has assisted many treatment centers in their branding campaigns, and helped to create revenue resources where few had existed previously. “Strategic relationship development” has been one of her strengths she brings to work everyday. She believes that she has endured this long due to her high ethical code, and maintaining an outstanding reputation within the field. Adrienne stated recently,” I am very happy to be back at Solid Landings to help in any way possible”.

cindy-gamacheCindy Gamache, Director of Admissions
Cindy Gamache is the Director of Admissions for Silver Rock Recovery, a position that she is well-suited for given her lengthy experience in the field of customer service and her training in insurance services. But more than her technical expertise, she also understands what clients seeking recovery are going through because she knows full well what it’s like. Her own experience of ten years of sobriety has made her compassionate and understanding towards those who need help.


kelley GleesonKelley Gleeson, Admissions Coordinator
Kelley has always been interested in the field of addiction with what started as extensive life experience, and led to an education in the field. Kelley has a Bachelor of Science in Human Services from California State University, Fullerton with concentrations in Substance Abuse and Mental Health. She has interned at non-profit organizations throughout the Orange County community as well as facilitated group counseling on campus at CSUF for one year. Kelley prides herself on her excellent communication skills and plans to continue her career path in the field of addiction and mental health, wherever that may take her.


Ashley Jemison, Admissions Coordinator
As the daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister and wife of addicts, Ashley has been on the front line of addiction for her entire life. She grew up going to AA meetings with her step-father as their “Daddy daughter Dates” and had the serenity prayer memorized before she was 7 years old. Ashley immersed herself into school and dedicated her education to understanding the brain and social aspects of health and addiction. Ashley obtained two Bachelor’s degrees from California State Long Beach in Health Psychology and Cultural Sociology. Before she accepted the position at Solid Landings, Ashley had her own health education organization called SHAPE where she would educate addicts, runaway youth and parolees about STD’s and HIV prevention. Ashley is not only empathetic to the life and mindset of the addict but the family as well. She is exceedingly grateful to come to work everyday and save lives.

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