Our 3 Step Admissions Process

Step 1: Reach Out
When you are ready, just reach out and speak with one of our dedicated admissions counselors who are here to help you through the admission process. The admissions counselors have helped many people, just like you, to take their first step towards recovery.
Step 2: Benefits
When you speak with one of our admissions counselors, be sure to provide your insurance information. We can then begin contacting your insurance carrier to verify benefits for your treatment. Many times your insurance covers the entire cost of treatment leaving very little out of pocket expense.
Step 3: Arrival
Once you have reached out and we have verified benefits, the only thing left to do is come in for treatment. Your admissions counselor stays with you every step of the way. We will help set up your travel arrangements if needed, we can pick you up if you are local and always pick you up from the airport if you fly in.

Silver Rock Believes You Deserve Lasting Recovery.
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