Silver Rock Treatment Program

Most People think that treatment is complete with Detoxification and RTC level care. At Silver Rock, our treatment program covers all levels of care including our Family Program and Continuing Care Curriculum.


The detoxification process, or "Detox" period, of treatment occurs at the beginning of treatment and is often the most difficult part of treatment physically. Silver Rock believes in helping keep the client as comfortable as possible during the detox phase of treatment.
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Residential Treatment Care (or RTC) is when you will begin working on the underlying issues and begin identifying the triggers that have contributed to the substance abuse. Group and individual therapy are imperative in helping to identify and address underlying causes.
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PHP (Partial Hospitalization) and IOP (Intensive Outpatient) phases begin 30 days after treatment is completed. This is when the client starts to concentrate on developing life skills and building healthy habits for continued success outside of treatment.
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Continuing Care

Support doesn't end when you leave Silver Rock. Our belief is that we are partners in sobriety for life, and our commitment is to follow through with you and your family. Silver Rock continues to work with you for one full year after discharge.
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Silver Rock Believes You Deserve Lasting Recovery.
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