Continuing Care

continuing-careAt Silver Rock, our support continues after your treatment. Our belief is that we are partners in sobriety for life, and our commitment is to follow through with you and your family. Your program includes up to a year of continued support after your discharge.

As much as we emphasize the importance of your treatment at Silver Rock, the treatment beyond the initial four stages is crucial to ensuring the success of your continued sobriety. Our dedicated team extends treatment to work with you and alumni for a full year after your initial treatment; a program that sets us apart from other treatment centers. Our care is ongoing as you are encouraged to reach out to Silver Rock anytime as we are here to work with you. Our goal for you is not short-sighted, but for continuing and lasting sobriety. We help you by giving you the tools to create a new life for yourself, one filled with happiness, hope, accountability, and success.

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